Singerriedel Riesling Smaragd 2019 Hirtzberger

€ 82,95 (ohne MwSt.)
98,71 (inkl. MwSt.)
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Klassifiziering NV
Typ Weisswein
Marke Hirtzberger
Jahrgang 2019
Land Österreich
Region Wachau
Inhalt 0,75
Vorrat 6

Professionelle Bewertungen

BOW (9)

Winespectator / James Suckling (99)

The super fine, peachy nose with hints of tropical fruit and flowers is hard to resist. Then, it’s very tightly focused and pure on the full-bodied and very concentrated palate. The finish is so silky, making for totally compelling beauty. Not as weighty as some vintages, with just 13% alcohol.

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