Caperdonich 25 Years Old the Duchess Cask 30900 56.2% 1997

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Brennerei Caperdonich
Abfüller The Duchess
Abgefüllt für
Destillationsdatum 04.03.1997
Abfülldatum 11.2022
Land Schottland
Region Speyside
Alter 25
Cask Type Hogshead
Fassnummer 30900
Alcohol percentage 56.2
Inhalt 0,70
Zustand Perfekt
Label Perfekt
Vorrat 36

Professionelle Bewertungen

Serge Valentin (90)

Colour: gold. Nose: at first butterscotch and Scotch tape, really. Then those root vegetables, grapefruits, earths, quite some esters (say a lighter marque in Jamaica, not pulling your leg here), wonderful vinegars and acidic wines (verjuice)… Well, this one's fantastic at this point. With water: add a few small mushrooms. Mouth (neat): winner. Walker's coffee toffee, Nescafé (that's enough brand names already, S.), a little varnish, some saltiness, hoisin, marmalade, a little thyme… A sherry hogshead, I suppose? Some hoggie for sure. With water: walnuts, tobacco, cracked pepper, bitter oranges… Finish: long, earthy/spicy. Ginger, saffron, turmeric. Nescafé is back in the aftertaste (with our sincerest apologies). Some kind of grassy ans spicy smokiness in the aftertaste. Comments: this cask was extra-special.

Gal Granov (89)

Words Of Whisky:
This Caperdonich is one of the best modern examples I've had the pleasure of tasting.
A little dense, this Caperdonich needs some time. A gentle, almost floral first impression, but with a certain sweet fruitiness, highlighted by Werther's Original, stewed apples, Demerara sugar, sultanas and sugared almonds. Also whispers of vanilla icing and orange pith.
Fairly waxy mouthfeel. Touches of oak, some limited spices (mainly pepper), but it's the fruit that wins me over. Much more vibrant than the nose suggests. Orange zest, ripe bananas, nectarines, and a hint of grapefruit. Also some crushed mint leaves and herbal tea in the background.
Long. Lingering spices, waxy and juicy fruits.

Words of Whisky (90)

With a couple of rum releases that are coming up on this here blog soon, and now this Caperdonich, it seems that The Duchess is back at it in regard to bottling quality booze! I’m not sure if it was my wrong perception, but it seemed to quiet down from the Naarden bottler.

But now, all of a sudden, there’s this 25 year old single malt from a distillery that has been closed for 21 years. Quite a decent age, and it seems the whisky from this era of ‘Glen Grant 2’ is improving with time, since initially those Caperdonichs were not regarded with awe, a decade or so ago.

Image from Best of Wines
Of course, the label is done by Hans Dillesse once again, and this time the bottling has gone into the ‘Game & Wildlife Series’. The fifth whisky to go into this range, after a Bunnahabhain, Ailsa Bay, Ben Nevis and a Glenallachie.

There’s a maturity, even though it’s still a rather light whisky. Lots of white oak and some fruit. There’s some old pear, baked apple, a hint of banana too. Quite a ‘fruit pie’ sweetness, so tinned peaches too.

The palate isn’t overly sharp although there’s a bit of white pepper. Quite some dry oak shavings, and lots of fruit. Far more than on the nose, or slightly more fresh. Peach, pear, baked apples. Some baking spices too, but not too strong. Toasted oak, and some molasses like sweetness.

The finish is very classical with lots of oak, old white oak. Peach and apple and pear, some cinnamon and caramel. Fruit pie, with classical barley and oak notes.

I love how gentle this one has gotten in 25 years. Even though the alcohol percentage is still quite high, it arrives very smoothly and never really bites. It’s a complex whisky that has improved with age, to show lovely fruity notes on a rustic backdrop. I think rustic is a good word for this whisky. It never is modern in any way!


BOW (90)

Caperdonich 25 Years Old: A Nostalgic Journey with The Duchess

Whisky enthusiasts are often captivated by the allure of rare and exceptional expressions that transport them to a bygone era. In celebration of the 115th anniversary of Best of Wines, established in 1907, the Dutch Premium Independent label and bottler, The Duchess, presents the Caperdonich 25 Years Old. Bottled in November 2022 as part of their GAME & WILDLIFE SERIES, this whisky pays homage to the whiskies of the past while showcasing the artistry of maturation. With only 298 bottles available, each adorned with a label design by renowned painter Hans Dillesse, this release offers a truly unique and remarkable experience.

A Nod to Classic Bourbon Maturity:
The Caperdonich 25 Years Old from The Duchess evokes memories of the bourbon-matured whiskies popular in the 1980s, a style that is becoming increasingly rare. Reminiscent of drams like the BenRiach 1976, this whisky captures the essence of old-style whiskies that are cherished by enthusiasts.

Official Tasting Notes by The Duchess:
Nose: The nose of this whisky is a delightful blend of plums, cherries, honeycomb, and a floral bouquet. Ripe pears and bourbon flavors make their presence known, while subtle notes of tea and oranges emerge, reminiscent of the distillery's renowned character. Over time, hints of cotton candy and bubblegum add a whimsical touch to the aromatic journey.

Taste: The first sip reveals the influence of a proper English tea, followed by the sweetness of honey and the presence of white fruits, particularly pears. Apricots linger in the background, while the distinct flavor of oranges takes center stage, gradually transitioning into a creamy and zesty touch, akin to yogurt. The whisky imparts a velvety and milky creaminess on the tongue, enhancing the overall tasting experience.

Finish: The finish of the Caperdonich 25 Years Old is long and lingering. Flavors of tea, orange zest, and green herbs, with hints of basil, create a harmonious finale that leaves a lasting impression.

Balance and Complexity:
This whisky showcases exceptional balance, with the nose and taste working in perfect harmony. The integrated characteristics create a symphony of flavors that delight the palate. Despite its 56.2% alcohol content, the Caperdonich 25 Years Old surprises with its smoothness and sophistication, making it a prime example of how an aged Caperdonich can truly shine.

The Caperdonich 25 Years Old from The Duchess is a whisky that takes us on a nostalgic journey, reminiscent of the classic bourbon-matured drams of the past. With its limited availability of 298 bottles, this expression captures the essence of a bygone era while showcasing the craftsmanship of The Duchess. The label design by Hans Dillesse adds an artistic touch to this remarkable release, making it a true collector's item. Whisky enthusiasts fortunate enough to experience the Caperdonich 25 Years Old will be treated to a balanced and complex whisky that pays homage to the rich history of this revered distillery. Cheers to The Duchess and Best of Wines for their dedication to offering fine and ultra-rare casks, and for bringing us this extraordinary Caperdonich expression.

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